WhizKey Culture

With a flat structure and open communication channels, we have created a culture of innovation where everyone is invested in WhizKey’s success and has ownership over their role.

A Different Kind of Technology Company

We seek out hard problems at places that matter. We solve them by shipping products that work, today. They have to, because the stakes are real. People rely on our products to do their most important work, which means they rely on us to build things the right way.


We ship products that help people change the world for better

We make products for human-driven analysis of real-world data. We don’t mine data. We don’t collect data. We don’t build one-off solutions.


We have only built a fraction of what we have imagined

As our company evolves, so will our products and the ways in which they transform how people and organizations interact with data. There’s so much left to build.


Small teams, Creative Collaboration, Quick Turnaround

We work on flat, decentralized teams, each with decision-making authority, and our people have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively. 

Our Guiding Ideas

The Best Idea Wins

If you have a great idea and the will to see it through, you can effect great change. Nothing is off limits—we’re constantly looking for improvements in our products, our processes, and our people. All voices are equal here—we hire people to have an opinion and be creative. We’re intolerant of politicking, ego, and power brokers. If your idea makes the most sense, that’s what we’re doing, regardless of your role or seniority.

Change is constant

Sometimes opportunities are here today and gone tomorrow. Sometimes a breakthrough on an intractable problem invalidates our previous efforts. And yes, sometimes we make mistakes.

Inventing the future requires detaching yourself from the past. While we ship a couple of polished product families, we’re just getting started when it comes to building the full ecosystem of technology we’ve imagined.

Stay Focused on the Mission

We view software as a means of effecting change in the world, not as an end unto itself. Our mission is to help our users, the people doing the hard work on complex, real-world problems. We do this by writing software that enables effective analysis against complicated, data-driven problems.

By always staying focused on the problems our users are trying to solve, we clarify our own thinking about the right way forward.


Test your concept before you invest.
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